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Richard Scarry

5 Nov

If you were not exposed to Richard Scarry as a child, then you have been deprived. You should contact your parents immediately and complain bitterly about their heinous neglect. It probably explains why you are a drug dealer or in advertising. Hilarious! Obviously, the same applies to Dr. Seuss and Charles M. Schulz. Richard Scarry does not dumb it down for his child audience, he uses precise words to accompany his illustrations. You can find words such as, “narcissus”, “plimsolls” and “xiphias”,  rather than flower, shoe and swordfish next to each drawing and know just what he is referring to.

Richards Scarry

Richard Scarry

Shoes: Vegan Wares

Brooch: Kearnsie at Little Shop of…

Skirt: Ananya at Etsy

Reading: Best Word Book Ever, (Hamlyn, 1977). Held together by sticky tape. Bad librarian.

Purple shoes



Exam Preparation

28 Oct

Skirt: Boo Radley, second-hand on Ebay

Shoes: Kumfs, second-hand on Ebay

Glasses: WINK Optometry, Elwood

Ring: OhKuol at Etsy

Brooch: Allira Tee

Book: IT Governance: How Top Performers Manage It Decision Rights for Superior Results by Peter Weill and Jeanne W. Ross, Harvard Business School Press, 2004.

This is what I wore to study for my IT strategy and governance exam.  My library of choice: the Sir Louis Matheson at Monash Clayton. I had not been in there for over 20 years, when it was full of books, photocopiers and had a section for smokers. This image obviously not taken at the Matheson, unless they have a colour coordinated children’s section.

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