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Why the Empty Shelf?

25 Oct

Mass Borrow at Newport Library

I chose a name that could be interpreted in several ways. The title is partially inspired by the collective action of library members from the Isle of Wight, who staged a “borrowing protest” that emptied the shelves of a local library that was under threat of closure. In this instance the absence of books was an indicator of the high demand for professionally operated and well-funded library services. You can find out more about the protest here:

Mass Borrow at Newport Library

As a student of librarianship, I liken myself to the empty shelf, free(ish) from preconceived ideas about what it will be like to enter the profession, open to ideas, ready to watch, listen and contribute. I will also try to stretch the metaphor further and, apply it to the current state of real world libraries where physical collections are diminishing and being replaced by virtual shelves of material. Another manifestation of the empty shelf.

P.S. There are no empty shelves in my home, or any empty cupboards, suitcases, boxes or drawers.

My Initial Inspiration

25 Oct


You already have a brand! Here are 5 ways to influence it…

Thank you Ned Potter,  the REAL Wikiman.  Your presentation has prompted me to begin my online journey.

Hello Digital World!

25 Oct

Welcome to my first blog. My name is Trish Donovan and I am currently in my final semester of a Graduate Diploma in Information & Knowledge Management at Monash University, Caulfield, Australia. I have decided to join in the online conversation about libraries, literacy and librarianship. Not because I believe I have anything more valuable to say than anyone else, or a better way of saying it but, because I have a lot to learn and I want to learn from others and find out by doing. If I intend to practice in the library and information services (LIS ) field then I believe I should keep myself informed and useful.

My reasons for starting this blog are to:

  1. learn how to blog in the event that I am required to teach others;
  2. document my reflections on my experience as a LIS student and, ultimately graduate and practitioner (I hope);
  3. share the ideas of people in the physical and digital world for improving and promoting library and information services; and
  4. to post about and link to other stuff I am into, hope that is what you are into too.

Thanks for joining me.

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